Flock Circumstance

art publication / 16 Nicholson Street Publications 2021

This publication opens up the creative process behind one exhibition. I loved writing the collaborative text ”I Need Help Thinking” because it made it so visible how a work of art is an effort of many, influenced by many conversations with friends and ideas shaped by the collective imagination. As I sat down to write everyone's name down, I counted at least 109 humans and more-than-humans who were contributing to the making of this publication and the show.

The publication includes Nell Cardozo's introduction, Madde Edlund's Sonic ID Shower workshop plan and the script and Aga Mlynczak's essay Unlearning the Dictionary, collaborative text Undoing the Workshop - The Art of A-void-dance by Niamh Moloney and Tinja Ruusuvuori, original photographs by Aga Mlyncza and stills from videos by Liina Kuittinen, Lori Frazer, Miina Puolitaival and Tinja Ruusuvuori. Designed by Zineb Benassarou, bookbinding by Gillian Stewart / JUJU Books (edition 10), shadows designed by the nature.

Undoing the Workshop - the Art of A-void-dance

by Niamh Moloney and Tinja Ruusuvuori

Collaborative text and a plan for a workshop in the Flock Circumstance publication / 16 Nicholson Street. “The Art of A-void-dance - undoing the workshop”  was prompted by conversations we had while walking and talking on the phone between Scotland and Finland throughout the lockdowns of 2020/21.

Through our conversations, we discovered  that a third space was created when we spoke over the phone. This third space is a palpable sense of the dynamic between people that exists independently of them as if it were a separate entity. We recognized this space as being consistently present—a realm that facilitates the shared act of imagining. It is a connective space to create resistance in the face of rising individuation.

A flying kiss for paper cells, pixel bones and a big fat origami, 2016

Eeva Hannula, Liina Kuittinen, Tinja Ruusuvuori, Aura Saarikoski

A collective body-diary with Titanpad platform, text installation in space, 2015-2016

curated by Maria Savela
Kuvan Kevät 2016, Helsinki

A text explores the space around it, especially its restrictions. The restrictions spur the project on and towards change. The curator invited artists to write a collective body diary in October 2015. They meet on TitanPad platform. It is impossible to add image documents. This is the first restriction and no one is trying to avoid it.

In the diary, the writers are anonymous. They are creating the joint space by their writing. They don't have that much of their own, not even the lines they are writing. One can't always be sure if a sentence has been finished by the writer who started it. And there is the loneliness of the writer, completely shared by all the other writers.

It is so common to share, share contents, texts and images. Could these contents be privatized a little for a change? What about this space? Writing creates an unknown, unnamed space. That is a very intimate space. Later, another space emerges. We call it exhibition and you are invited.

In the end, there is an image too. Maybe a moving image or an image that is still but restless in some other way. What we can also see is the image that is in the core of every text.
– Maria Savela

kuvat: työryhmä

EDIT / Melkein kuin performanssi / Tuomas Laulainen