Radio uncertainty / Radio Cetacea / changing name

experimental radio station
Provincetown, Massachusetts

When you scroll through the FM dial and hear the sounds of ocean waves and whale songs blending with the crackle of radio static, you know the program is about to begin. Radio of uncertainty might change its name and pronouns daily, without a set airtime. Let's see what new ways of thinking unfurls from embracing ambiguity and falling between secure frequencies.

Some of our programs so far:

Bells bells bells - cow stories, bell sounds and a symphony with Jay Critchley and Tinja Ruusuvuori
Radio Uncertainty - an open radio gathering for anyone without a place to go on Christmas Day. Featuring sound works by Karen Werner and Sasha Wortzel.
Jesus' Son - Molly, Lindsay and Niyi read and discuss a story from Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son
´Knots´- read by Maya and Henry from R.D. Laing's book describing the "knots" inherent to the bonds of love, dependency, uncertainty, jealousy.
Fish Stories - local fishing histories from Provincetown, Cape Cod, with Jacques Macara and Laura Shabott
Radio Rice’s Whale - writer Philip Hoare and whale researcher Tommy Tucker talk the rice’s whale from the Gulf of Mexico
Syncronicity machine - Amy and Tinja build a sycronicity machine powered by a yearning device.
Provincetown on a budget? with Jerome
´Time and the Town´
- live reading from the Mary Heaton Vorse House

Installation view, Radio Uncertainty (2024)
Radio installation with cardboard, Ocean-found objects and radio equipment
Dimensions variable

Philip and Tommy broadcasting about ‘what home means to the rice’s whales’

Molly, Niyi and Lidsay read and discuss Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson