Untitled (burned rubber on asphalt, 2018)

documentary film, 20 min
Norwegian, Finnish, English

cinematographer: Pietari Peltola
editor: Inka Lahti
sound designer: Juuso Oksala
producer: Marja Pihlaja / Aalto ARTS
director: Tinja Ruusuvuori

In a remote Norwegian village the weaving roads have become the subject of controversy. Assuming the role of detective, the documentary investigates the bewildering phenomena of car skid marks and their mysterious appearance. Winding, looping, curving, the hypnotising patterns reveal unexpected frictions in the village, as well as prompting the villagers to reflect on their sense of beauty.

Trailer - Untitled (burned rubber on asphalt, 2018)

“When you live a long way out you make your own fun.” (Annie Proulx, “55 Miles to the Gas Pump”)
A portrait of a remote Northern place – where isolation and boredom breed an imaginative escape that turns everyday vehicles into instruments of art. Through an investigative approach the filmmaker elevates the activity from an immature pastime to a creative expression worthy of an artful consideration.
-National Jury of Tampere Film Festival 2019

Helsingin Sanomat 21.12.2019 / Harri Römpötti


two-channel video work, 12:24 min
English, French

editor: Inka Lahti
sound designer: Eero Pulkkinen
directors: Emilia Rüf ja Tinja Ruusuvuori

Where movement of people is restrained, goods can travel more freely than ever. The sound of karaoke drifts out from the inside of an enormous container ship. Logbook notes of longing and sympathy felt by seafarers towards migrants.

Välimeren kulkijat / Turun Sanomat 23.5.2019 / Heli Peltoniemi

Daily Hauntings

video work
8 min

The ghost of an normal person returns to live out their life. Practices of a spirit individual, its everlasting attempt to fit in and stand out.

Friday Child

documentary film, 16 min.

cinematographer: Peter Salovaara
editor: Inka Lahti
sound designer: Vili Laitinen
set designer: Juulia Jokinen
producer: Tiina-Mari Pitkänen / Aalto ARTS
director: Tinja Ruusuvuori

In a film that is part autobiographical, part fiction, a daughter tells the story of an alcoholic mother, of separation and longing for closeness, and of the surreal plays and games enacted in the private world they share when they meet. Life becomes an adventure, normality is put on hold while mother and daughter dress up as ghosts, invent quirky songs and dance. Their dialogue is mainly formed by diary or letter entries. The film mixes realism with animation and formal experiments, where time and place seem to float and dissolve. – Pontus Kyander

photo:Jan Ahstedt
Single-channel video installation
EMAP 9th Ewha International Media Art Presentation, Seoul, South Korea

Death of Money Tree / Rahapuun kuolema 

documentary short


cinematographer: Kerttu Hakkarainen
editor: Sevgi Eker
sound designer: Jarkko Kela
producer: Tanja Heikkilä / Aalto ARTS
director: Tinja Ruusuvuori

A film about a self-destructive jade plant who was like the economy

In the film I parallelled the self-destructive behaviour of my money tree plant with the demands of constant growth in world economics. I interviewed other owners of money trees and tried to find out whether excessive growth was the reason behind my plant's depression.